About Us

Adventure awaits.

A few years ago, I was taking my dog Rufus for a long walk. We made our way through the hills that surround my home in California, with the summer sun beating down on us. Rufus, the fun-loving and adventurous spirit that he is, loves chasing squirrels. Does he ever catch them? No. But that doesn't stop him. He usually runs up to the tree, lets out a bark or two, and trots back over to me. On that day, he spotted a squirrel, and darted into the bushes just off the trail we were walking on. After a few seconds of waiting, feeling the heat, I called out to him.


No response. Huh, that's odd. I tried again.

"Rufus, come on buddy!"

Again, nothing. I felt a slight tension and knew something was off. In what felt like the longest fifteen and a half minutes of my life, I searched frantically inside and around the thick bushes that enclose the trail around me. I called out repeatedly and hear nothing. At this point, I could hear my own heart jumping out of my chest. I hear a ruffle in the bush in the distance, and see Rufus about 50 yards away, pacing around behind a tree. And to my astonishment — he got the squirrel. 

I'll never be able to shake the feeling of losing Rufus.

When I saw the announcement of the AirTag, I knew the perfect use for it. Our entire team feels the same way as me. We're a group of expert designers/dog-loving humans who have worked tirelessly to turn this vision into a reality. 

CollarTrek is the home to the world's first leather AirTag dog collar. Multiple decades of experience in manufacturing and design were leveraged in the creation of the collar, making it the first of its kind. 

The Apple AirTag is a beautiful innovation that allows us to track the things we hold dearest to us. Backpacks, purses, our car keys — anything and everything.

If you're anything like us, though, you probably had this thought as well: can we use the AirTag to track our dogs? The answer is yes. The CollarTrek enables you to do this easily. 

We believe that humans and dogs are meant for adventure. That's why we feel like it is important to utilize this amazing piece of technology in an important manner: keeping our best friends safe. 

A worry-free adventure awaits.