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The CollarTrek was made with love in California, United States. Our manufacturing partners are global (Asia & North America).


Yes. That is specifically why we chose to create the collar out of a thick leather material, to prevent quality-issues from arising. We know how our dogs get when they set their mind on chewing something, so we decided it was best to go for the highest-quality and most durable material we could find. 

The CollarTrek was designed with one main purpose in mind: holding the AirTag. This was the driving philosophy behind the product and we have undergone several tests with the collar to ensure the AirTag is secured properly. 

Yes, combining the technology of the Apple AirTag and the material & durability of the CollarTrek is another step towards ensuring the safety of your dog. The AirTag utilizes Apple's unlimited network and community to notify nearby devices if you declare the AirTag item (or in this case, pet) missing. 

Our design purposefully leaves the Apple logo visible so that finders will know exactly WHAT to look for. If the AirTag was embedded into the collar, other Apple device owners would not know what they are searching for, or where to tap their device. The AirTag is placed clearly in front of the collar so device owners can confidently tap their device and notify the owner that the missing dog has been found.


Yes. We ship worldwide. Most orders are processed within 48 hours and are delivered in 5-7 days. 

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