Ever since the announcement of Apple's AirTag in April, the questions have swirled the internet. Now, losing car keys and our wallets can be a thing of the past. But some more ambitious people wondered, is it possible to track your pet dog with the AirTag? If so, how?

The answer is yes. If your dog is lost but has the AirTag attached to her/him in some way, you can track them through the "Find My" app on your iPhone or any other Apple device. The Apple AirTag has unlimited range and is made up of every Apple iPhone device in existence*, so you can mark your item as missing and nearby iPhones will be alerted. Better yet, if you name your AirTag after your dog, iPhone owners will know exactly what they are looking for. With the CollarTrek, you can easily embed an AirTag onto your dog safely & securely. 

Voila, your dogs location is effectively marked forever.

AirTag Dog Collar Infographic | How to fit the AirTag With My Dog's Collar?"

Wait, how exactly does the AirTag work?

The AirTag is a small & lightweight device that is coated in stainless steel material. It is similar to the company Tile, which also offers a small tracking device meant for objects. The AirTag can be clipped onto objects like luggage, or slipped into backpacks and other enclosed items. The AirTag is set up similar to the Apple AirPods. Once the AirTag is paired, you will be able to name and customize the AirTag. AirTag utilizes the Apple "Find My" network.

Your Apple device will show you the AirTags' last known location. If the AirTag is in bluetooth range, then it will be able to play a sound (which is loud enough to be heard nearby), and display a precision navigation system that will literally walk you to the AirTag. Pretty cool, huh?

If you lose your dog, you can mark your AirTag lost (if it is connected through the dog's collar). Then, utilizing Apple's U1 technology, the "Find My" network will be notified of a missing AirTag near them. All the nearby device owners have to do is walk up to the AirTag and tap it with their phone to notify you — and there you go, you now have the location of the AirTag. The AirTag has a battery life up to one year, so once you set it up, you are good to go!

So, I can track my dog with the AirTag?

CollarTrek AirTag Dog Collar Tutorial

Yes, absolutely. The CollarTrek was designed to seamlessly fit the AirTag onto your dog, with comfort and ease. You can also attach the AirTag using a clip, but this will be un-secure and can easily detach from your dog. It is best to embed the AirTag onto your dog.

What is the maximum distance the AirTag can track if I lose my dog?

The short & long answer is an unlimited distance. Given iPhone's virtually unlimited network, you'll be able to tap into every Apple device that opts into the "Find My" network. This makes for effectively a pet-microchip from the future, where not only is everyone nearby notified of your missing dog (the AirTag), but can also easily notify you. Your dog can run far away, but as long as he/she is near one device, the location has a higher chance of being marked. 

How does the CollarTrek work with the AirTag?

AirTag CollarTrek Features

The CollarTrek was designed for simplicity, comfort, and security. Learn more at CollarTrek's shop page