Ever since Apple announced the release of the AirTags a little over a month ago, much has been made about the use cases for this trendy new tracking device. You can use to track basically anything, from luggage to items of clothing (though, this is not recommended). You can even use the AirTag to track your car

A lot of people immediately wondered, though, what is the best way to track my dog using the AirTag? The answer, of course, is the AirTag Dog Collar. Now, there are many AirTag Dog Collars out there on the market. It is important to make sure you do your research & decide to select the best AirTag Collar for your dog — you don't want a cheap or flimsy one. Let's take a look at what makes the CollarTrek AirTag Dog Collar the best on the market. 

#1 — The AirTag is clearly visible in the CollarTrek Dog Collar. 

It is very important that the AirTag is clearly visible on the dog collar. The reason for this is because the AirTag notifies nearby Apple device holders that there is a missing item near them. Other competing AirTag Dog Collars miss the mark because they hide the AirTag, which defeats the purpose of the collar in the first place. Best AirTag Dog Collar (CollarTrek vs Competitors)

The device holders need to be able to see the AirTag in plain side, otherwise they do not know what they will be looking for. 

#2 —  CollarTrek AirTag Collar is designed for comfort. 

The AirTag Dog Collar craze has caused numerous companies to manufacture dog collars, but how many of them designed them in mind of comfort? Quality is very important, and you do not want your dog feeling skin irritation or itchiness around their neck because of a poorly made collar. CollarTrek is made from genuine leather and is soft in the inside, making for a lightweight but comfortable experience for your dog.

#3 —  Durability is quality + craftsmanship, and the CollarTrek does both. 

Dog collars go through it all. From walks to play sessions, to rolling in the mud & grass. It's imperative to have a collar that can sustain itself for years of play, not just months. The CollarTrek does this excellently due to the higher cost of materials, and nanotechnology enabling the fiber-fusing for the most durable collar there is. The last thing you want is the collar becoming loose, or even worse, away from your dog's neck. 

#4 — Fully Adjustable. 

The CollarTrek is adjustable, so that it can fit any dog over the size of 20 pounds. A newer, more improved collar is coming to fit dogs under 20 pounds as well! The reason for the availability of only larger sizes is comfort and safety. While other competitors have already begun selling collars for smaller dogs, the size of the AirTag is an important consideration to make. You want to make sure that it is safe for smaller dogs to wear AirTags without interfering with blood circulation around the neck area. 

#5 — Style Points, Anyone?

Have your dog dripping in style.. The CollarTrek isn't just the best AirTag dog collar. It's the best dog collar. Period. 

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